Nobody does it BETTER!

Better Made Snack Food Company was founded
on August 1st, 1930 by Cross & Peters in Detroit, Michigan. Over the years, the Detroit based chip company has outlasted 22 local competitors. Today, the Motor City might best be known for its own Better Made Snack Foods, which uses locally grown potatoes and trans fat-free cottonseed oil to produce potato chips that have earned a loyal following in Detroit, Michigan & beyond.
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Better Made Snack Foods manufactures and distributes
a variety of flavored potato chips, popcorn, crunchy chips, pretzels, pork rinds, tortilla chips, beef jerky, chocolate covered potato chips & pretzels, salsas and cheese dips.
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Did you know?
  Detroiters eat an average of 7 lbs. of chips per year, as opposed to 4 lbs. in the rest of the country, and it takes 7 minutes for a potato chip to go from the bin to the bag!
Take the complete plant tour to see the process of turning a potato into a potato chip.

Our New Better Made Factory Outlet Store
is located at 10148 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit Michigan (313-925-4774). 
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